Nick carried out a major service and fitted a new window switch fitted to my 981 Boxster S. Very knowledgeable, friendly and much more reasonable labour rates than OPC’s. Would highly recommend for all your Porsche needs๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Julian Wray

very happy with the service carried out to my 964, by Auto2000 Any Classic Porsche owner will always have doubts about where they take their vehicle for repair /service and whom they trust with it! and Nick is a professional and knows what he is talking about regarding Porsches!
This is the first time i have had my servicing carried out by Auto2000 and i will be returning next year, for the next service.!!

Keith Russell

I phoned Auto 2000 and asked if they could find a gearbox for my 944S2 they said yes and quoted a very fair price so I booked it in. When the job was done and I’d paid we went for a quick test drive and all seemed well. It was a couple of days before I was able to go for a proper run and discovered that the replacement box whined really badly above 5000 revs. I complained to Richard and he said to take it back in and leave it with them. They found another box and replaced the whining one and thoroughly checked it then informed me that the job was done. I went in, asked what I owed and was told nothing and indeed got an apology for earlier returning the car to me with a defect. Great service and a pleasure to deal with.

Nigel White